Paleo Mama bakery and store is now open

Paleo Mama Bakery has operated without a dedicated retail space, distributing our gluten-free, grain-free products via our online e-commerce store, through other retailers (like Woodmans, Metcalfe’s and other markets throughout Wisconsin) and at the Dane County Farmers’ Market.

Belle Pleva’s, Paleo Mama’s owner and founder, dedication to crafting baked goods that are Paleo and Keto has generated a buzz that exceeds the bakery’s hometown of Madison.

In October, 2019, Belle opened up a brick and mortar bakery/store on Madison’s South Few Street.  Come by and visit, the bakery has many more delicious treats that are not available online!  

paleo mama bakery madison wi
paleo mama bakery madison wi
paleo mama bakery